WHMCS Module

WHMCS sales add-on

The WHMCS module is a fully featured sales add-on for your WHMCS account to sell all of LuxCloud’s premium cloud services through your own WHMCS store, under your own brand.

The setup for the WHMCS add-on module is fully automated and a comprehensive manual is also provided. This way we enable you to expand your current cloud offering and start selling all of our cloud solutions in just 1 business day. Increase you income! Offer cloud services to your SMB customers through your own WHMCS CloudStore.

LuxCloud offers a one-stop shop for white label cloud business applications. More info.

WHMCS add module to sell cloud services

WHMCS is the leading web hosting automation platform. Handling signups, provisioning, billing and support for online businesses to purchase and administer their own services to their customers.

Key Features

Create your own packages

Easy to import products from the LuxCloud Store

Easy to import add-on options

Offer with your domain registrations

Set your own pricing, per product and per option

Easy to setup

We have released version 3 of the LuxCloud WHMCS Module to improve the existing plugin and to support WHMCS 7 and PHP 7.

Additional information

Video: WHMCS Setup for the trial store

WHMCS setup guides for the trial store

Download the WHMCS plugin installation guide for the trail store (version 3.2.0)

Installation guides for older module versions are available from the Download Area.

Video: Getting Started with the LuxCloud WHMCS v3 module

For WHMCS 7 in combination with PHP 5.6+.

Video: Getting Started with the LuxCloud WHMCS v2 module

For older versions of WHMCS. This version is not compatible with WHMCS 7 and/or PHP 7.

Video: Getting Started with the LuxCloud WHMCS v3 module

For WHMCS 7 in combination with PHP 5.6+.

Configure the LuxCloud WHMCS plugin for Office 365

Download the WHMCS installation guide for Office 365

Frequently Asked Questions about the WHMCS module:

If I try the “test connection” button in the module I receive an error message: “Error: Invalid details or server unavailable”

Please check the following:

  • Is the WHMCS server able to connect outgoing on ports 443 and 80? Try the following command from the command prompt of the server telnet api.luxcloud.net 443, if you receive a response the server this is not blocking. If not, you probably have a firewall setting preventing you from making outbound connections.
  • Check the credentials for spaces or copy/paste errors
  • Check that the “API secure connection” box is selected.
  • If you however do see a selection box next to the Service Plan ID then the communication was successful and you can continue configuration.


The module says the action is successful but the service is not active

Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  • First open the Module Logs.


  • Make sure the Enable Debug Logging function is on.


  • Then, check the logging marked with LuxCloud.


  • The left box contains the request send to the server; the right box contains the answer. When opening a ticket always enclose both request and response.

Does LuxCloud need to open its API for us based on IP address?

No. The API is publicly available. Authentication is done via username/password and token verification.

Where can I find the LuxCloud list prices (prices without the partner discount)?

Latest prices can be found in the Partner Portal under the tile “Pricelist” in the main screen.


How do I get my token?

You can generate your token by:

  • Going to the Partner portal: https://partner.luxcloud.com/partner/login/auth
  • Login with the credentials you received after signup.
  • Clicking on the “Account” tile in the left group of tiles.
  • Clicking on the “Generate token for API”.
Try out the WHMCS add-on in our Trial CloudStore