OX App Suite

Take control of your digital life from anywhere with the OX App Suite centralized cloud environment. OX App Suite is a highly scalable platform that comes with groupware, collaboration & cloud-based apps, using responsive design techniques.

Increase revenue & win back customers

The OX App Suite centralized cloud environment lets users manage their digital lives from a single interface, anywhere on any device. A highly scalable platform that delivers a wide range of cloud based services. It comes with groupware, collaboration & cloud-based apps, using responsive design techniques. Applications like cloud storage, document editing, email, tasks, calendar and much more. This means you no longer have to build all your own applications or work with other vendors that often erode your revenue.

OX App Suite is a key part of your customer engagement strategy. One platform to enhance your offering, drive ARPU and make your customers love your brand. Resell OX App Suite and offer a fully hosted and managed platform to your customers.

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Key Features

User-friendly dashboard

Personal, user-friendly centralized digital hub. Fully configurable, brandable and customizable, with Social Media integration.

Halo View

One-click data mining. Simply click on a contact and get an overview of all your correspondence, meetings, contact details and social network info.

Reduce churn & retain customers

Increase the lifetime value and long term relationship for your customers.

Single Sign On

Access all your favourite online applications anytime with one login.

Multiple device connections

Runs on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) by default with no synchronization necessary.

Free Trial

Try out our Free Trial Program to explore the Open-Xchange functionalities.

Included OX App Suite Features

OX Groupware - Email, contacts, tasks & calendar
OX Documents - Text & spreadsheet
OX Mobility - Native device integration, sync of PIM functionality
OX Viewer - PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
OX Portal - Digital hub, social integration, advertising
OX Drive - Storage, native device apps

Additional information

Open-Xchange Product Sheet

The Open-Xchange Product Sheet provides information about product benefits, Open-Xchange features and target market information.

Open-Xchange Product Sheet

OX App Suite Brochure

More info about the centralized cloud environment that lets your users manage their digital lives on any device.

OX App Suite Brochure

OX Text Brochure

OX Text is a text editor which enables web-based, collaborative word processing, by letting users join forces to edit documents in real time. Uniquely OX Text provides a seamless document Round-trip. It is compatible with MS Office and OpenOffice. Find out more of the advantages of OX Text.

OX Text Brochure

Open-Xchange Drive Datasheet

With OX Drive you can upload, download and synchronize documents across multiple devices and operating systems. It paves the way for easy to use, consistent file management.

Open-Xchange Drive Datasheet

Open-Xchange video tutorials

All you need to know to work and enjoy OX App Suite. Check out these useful video tutorials about Open-Xchange:

Open-Xchange video tutorials

Open-Xchange App Suite: Connector for Business Mobility

Please find all the required information following the link below:

Connector for Business Mobility

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