Modern application integration

Easily connect to on-premise applications

Many business run their systems and access data on-premise. In the past, managing integrations between on-premise applications and data sources meant investing in an enterprise service bus (ESB) or a custom-built solution; both costly and time-consuming options.

With LuxCloud, you can have better integration capabilities than an ESB or custom-built solutions, without additional infrastructure or complex on-premises software deployment. LuxCloud also supports access to on-premise data sources, such as file systems and FTP.

Access to on-premise applications is managed by a DropPoint. A DropPoint is a service that is installed on a workstation, application or data server to enable access to data sources that are not exposed to the Internet

Connect with cloud applications

LuxCloud is a cloud-native platform and uses the same technologies as the SaaS applications it services to bring maximum efficiency to cloud integration.

We provide full support for current standards, such as web API’s, REST, JSON, OAuth.

Build and deploy integrations between cloud and enterprise apps

Integrating new applications in the cloud with existing on-premise software is a major undertaking. LuxCloud delivers the integration that connects multiple in-house applications with cloud-based SaaS applications.

Implement a hybrid integration platform to support the challenge of pervasive integration – the integration of applications and data sources in on-premise and cloud applications, with business partners and customers systems, and with mobile apps.

LuxCloud offers a one-stop shop for white label cloud business applications. Get a discount of up to 20% off the Suggested Retail Prices and start to resell cloud services today!

LuxCloud created 11 white-label videos, in each one discussing a new issue and related cloud service. They are available to all our resellers and customizable to match the logo and brand colours.

Market your cloud services, by focusing on customers’ needs, their day-to-day issues and the solutions that cloud services can offer.

Customers who are acquainted with cloud services have a high chance of knowing different cloud products by name. The ones that are less aware, could have difficulties understanding their benefits. Making your products relevant to customer`s needs, creates sales acceleration and adds value to your brand.

LuxCloud created 11 white-label videos, in each one discussing a new issue and related cloud service. They are available to all our resellers and customizable to match the logo and brand colours. Besides this ready-to-use marketing campaign we offer other campaigns in our Sales Partner Acceleration Resource Kit, or SPARK in short, on our Partner Portal.

The story of Peter

The different videos are created around Peter and Paul. Peter has just started his own software company. His friend Paul, who owns an IT services company, helps him to get started.