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Signatures for Office 365

Trying to manage employee email signatures across a company can be complicated and messy, resulting in display issues and a lack of brand consistency.

Exclaimer simplifies signature management for Office 365, allowing you to create unlimited email signatures and update them in real-time without the need for IT expertise. Choose from a library of professional templates or use a custom design, and have complete control over employee signatures.

Exclaimer is an add-on to Microsoft Office 365 for Business, offering powerful signature management for business email.

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Offer your customers an intuitive, user-friendly signature management experience as an attractive add-on to an Office 365 for Business package.


Exclaimer Signatures for Office 365

Key Features

Ensure brand consistency

Central signature management lets you ensure the consistency and professional layout of all employee signatures, improving brand image.

Manage signatures on any device

All users will have the correct email signature across all devices, whether using a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Have complete control

Update employee signatures from a central control panel, and ensure correct formatting by preventing employees from making any changes.

Access a library of templates

Choose from a wide range of professional signature templates or design your own.

Use signatures as a marketing tool

Include dynamic content such as banner ads, social media icons and award logos to harness low-cost, high-volume marketing value of your email.

No IT expertise required

Authorized users can easily create and manage email signatures through the web-based user interface, without the need for IT expertise.
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Exclaimer is a useful add-on to Microsoft Office 365 for Business, offering powerful and user-friendly email signature management for business.

Additional Information

What is Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365?

Setting up Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365

The Exclaimer product sheet provides information about product benefits, features and pricing plans.

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