Package your communication and marketing services

Many small and medium-sized business owners have limited in-house resources to dedicate to online marketing. As a communication and marketing agency, you can provide added value to your clients by offering a complete communication-as-a-service package.

Whether you provide website design or online advertising, you can bundle your professional services with white label cloud applications and transform your one-off client projects into long-term relationships.

Website as a service SiteMakerXL

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Key Features

Communication and marketing as-a-service

Provide communication and marketing support to your customers as an ongoing service using white label tools.

Custom packages

Create packages that meet the specific needs of your clients, choosing from a catalogue of business applications, social media and email marketing tools, and website management tools.

All-in-one social media marketing

Optimize your customers’ social media management with our selection of cloud tools.

Offer all-around website support

In addition to designing your customer’s new website, offer them hosting, security and backup services to provide ongoing value.

Provide essential business tools

Optionally offer your customers cloud-based business tools, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, or Kaspersky anti-virus protection.

Dedicated technical support

Rest easy knowing our technical support team will work quickly to resolve any issues you or your customers encounter with our applications.

Cloud tools for communication-as-a-service

Provide a customized package of ongoing communication and marketing services to your clients with easy-to-use cloud-based tools.

CakeMail and LuxCloud Partner to Offer Email Marketing to Global Network of Resellers

Professional email marketing
Design and send professional email campaigns for your clients, and track their results with detailed reports.

Soshlr | Resell BaseKit via LuxCloud

Social media management
Provide professional social media management, managing multiple social media pages across multiple platforms.

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Word-of-mouth marketing campaigns
Help your clients attract new customers by providing incentives to customers and their friends with this platform.

BaseKit | Resell BaseKit via LuxCloud

Offer a complete service where you take care of the design, creation and ongoing maintenance of your customers website.

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