Audriga Migration

Mail Migration

This easy-to-use migration service allows to copy your email or groupware data directly and without software installation from your current provider to your new one. It supports all common freemail providers and webhosters, which allow to access email accounts using the IMAP or POP3 standard. The service connects to your mailbox in a similar way as your email clients. Emails, attachments and folders will then be copied to the destination, while the status of the migration can be monitored continuously.

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Key features

Simple to use

Configure, purchase and submit migrations in minutes with no prior experience or training required.

Cost effective

Save time and money with a cost effective and efficient migration solution for all types of business.


Migration according to the strict German Federal Data Protection Act.

Migration of emails, calendars & tasks

Beside email and folders also contact, calendar, task and note items are transferred.

Migrate between any system

Migrate your data between OX, Google, Microsoft, Zimbra, IMAP3 and POP3…


Network communication optimized for minimal network chatter and resource usage.

Additional information

Video: Audriga groupware migration for Open-Xchange

Audriga product sheet

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Are the account credentials handled safely during migration?

How will data be transferred from source to destination provider?

What exactly is migrated? Does the migration include all folders and email flags?

Will filter rules be migrated?

Can I copy multiple source accounts into one destination account?

Are emails stored by the migration platform?

Will emails in the source account be deleted after migration?