First workshop for digital agencies a success

LuxCloud workshop for digital agencies 20.10.2016

LuxCloud workshop on reselling cloud services for digital agencies well-received by attendees

Published 25.10.2016

On Thursday, October 20th, LuxCloud held its first workshop aimed at digital agencies. As part of the company’s new communication-as-a-service offer, two cloud-based social media marketing tools were presented: MyGoodClient and Sóshlr.

Opportunities for digital agencies

The workshop kicked off with a presentation by Joost Pisters, CEO of LuxCloud, who introduced the company’s role as a cloud service broker enabler, allowing other companies to provide cloud services without having to invest in technical infrastructure or manage contracts with software vendors. He then outlined the opportunities for digital agencies to resell cloud services to their clients as part of a package. As a natural extension of the services they already provide, an agency could offer, for example, an all-in-one website package that includes in-house website design combined with hosting, security and backup, all cloud services provisioned by LuxCloud. This would not only provide added value for clients, but also additional long-term revenue for the agency. Pisters then outlined his vision of the cloud system integrator role that he sees digital agencies taking on in the near future.


Two innovative tools for social media marketing and management  

With the attention of attendees high, Alessandro Petrella of Italian startup 142 then presented the new customer ambassador platform My Good Client. Based on the concept of word of mouth, My Good Client allows businesses to offer incentives to their existing customers in return for referring their friends. A win-win marketing model, promotions with My Good Client can provide stronger retention and engagement of existing customers as well as new customers gained through powerful personal recommendations. This proved very interesting to the room of communication professionals, who started a number of discussions on how they could use the platform.

Bart Kemps of Sóshlr then presented the powerful social media management tool, and the growing potential of social media communication. Attendees were intrigued by the data, and shared their professional experiences in the interesting discussion. Sóshlr is a low-cost, easy-to-use tool for businesses of any size to manage their social media accounts from a single dashboard. Offering integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, the platform allows companies to schedule posts to all of their accounts and easily track campaign performance.

Hands-on workshop

The two presentations were followed by a hands-on workshop where participants had the chance to complete several tasks and try out the two tools for themselves. A networking drink closed the evening and allowed for further discussion of the potential uses of My Good Client and Sóshlr, and the opportunities for reselling cloud tools in a digital communication context. Following the strong interest in the workshop and engagement of the attendees, we look forward to seeing the two social media tools and communication-as-a-service offered by local agencies in the near future!

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Offer Communication-as-a-Service to your clients with cloud tools from LuxCloud

Whether you provide website design or online advertising, you can bundle your professional services with white label cloud applications and transform your one-off client projects into long-term relationships. Learn more

My Good Client

My Good Client is a platform that connects customers and businesses to take advantage of word-of-mouth recommendations through social media by providing incentives to customers and their friends. Learn more


Sóshlr is a low cost, easy to use social media management solution. A tool for business to efficiently manage and to engage with social media assets, from a central, single dashboard. Learn more




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