Case Study & LuxCloud

LuxCloud joined forces with British during the introduction of their cloud services portfolio

In cooperation with LuxCloud, launched a marketing campaign to deliver increased value to existing customers and attract additional ones.

Partner Background offers multiple web hosting solutions and combines industry expertise, fast servers and a reliable network with unparalleled customer service and technical support. With a data network based in the United Kingdom, the company offers its services throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

Business Situation, already proven as a leading UK web hosting provider, was looking to expand their portfolio with cloud applications. Adding LuxCloud services to their hosting portfolio, would create possibilities to deliver more value to their customers, increase revenue through up-sell and cross-sell and attract new customers. Since this was a new area of expertise, LuxCLoud was asked to provide assistance. Both parties agreed that, for a successful launch, LuxCloud’s marketing department would create and execute the marketing campaigns. Multiple channels were used, such as email, Direct Mail and the hoster’s Social Media channels. To create a lasting impact, the total time period of the campaign phase was approximately two months. The cloud services could be won in two different contests. One of the contests also offered one ultimate prize as in winning a Microsoft tablet. Existing customers were offered introductory discount offers to try out the services. The main objective of the campaigns was to create awareness and cross-sell possibilities for existing customers due to the expansion of the hosting portfolio with cloud services and simultaneously, for prospects to be attracted to the brand.

“The relationship has already proven to be successful and we are looking for new ways to further extend our partnership in the future”.

Outcomes / Results
Giving away cloud services through a contest is a great way to get people interested in cloud services. It allows to up-sell to a paid version of the service to customers that tried the product and to cross-sell to additional services. As a result of intense campaigning, the customer base grew by 4% over the two month campaign period. Positively surprising was the unintended growth of the core hosting products as a result of the efforts. The social media campaign resulted in a quadruple growth of Facebook likes.

Due to the use of WHMCS, the system integration between both parties was incorporated smoothly. What normally would have taken weeks, was now done within hours.

Frederick Schiwek, Co-Founder and Managing Director explains “Initially, I was a little hesitant about giving the LuxCloud marketers access to my communication channels, so that they could execute the marketing campaign under my brand name. However, they quickly demonstrated their professionalism and took up the campaign with strong enthusiasm. The results were better than predicted.” Frederick Schiwek continues “Overall I am very pleased with the outcomes. The relationship has already proven to be successful and we are looking for new ways to further extend our partnership.

Partner Profile
UK Based. provides web hosting, Hosted Exchange & cloud services to businesses throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

Web hosting and cloud services app provider.

Business Problem Summary was looking for a reliable cloud services provider to help introduce cloud services to their web hosting portfolio.

Solution Summary
LuxCloud created and executed a marketing campaign for to cross-sell to their customer base and simultaneously attract new customers.

Campaign Period
Two months time period, during the end of 2014.

Results/ Impact
• Giving away cloud services interests prospects and generates sales possibilities.
• Customer base growth of 4% (over 2 months).
• Social media interest quadrupled.
• Core products growth, as a result of active campaigning.

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