Project MUSCLE Status

Project updates

LuxCloud has started a comprehensive improvement program called MUSCLE (Migration and Upgrade of Services and CLoud Environment) to ensure the continuation of a high quality of cloud service delivery for its partners. We aim to upgrade our key services to the latest version, upgrade to an OSA 7 provisioning platform, expand our portfolio to include more products and services, and improve operational support. The project will run from November 2016 to October 2017.

Download Impact document version 15/03/2017
More info about service upgrades & End-Of-Life schedule

Please check back here for regular updates as the project progresses. For any questions, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

Overview MUSCLE project

26/07/2017 - Exchange 2016 Platforms

Overview: This week another milestone reached. The Exchange 2016 environment in Luxembourg and the Netherlands are now available for new customers to be provisioned in. This means for partners who have received their access to the new ODIN platform the product is available for ordering.

The platform is also connected to the new SpamExperts Cloud platform that has tons of new features and is better than ever in keeping spam out the customers mailbox.

08/05/2017 - Open Xchange migration started

Overview: Last week marked the start of the Open Xchange (OX) migration for one of our biggest partners. There has been intense co-operation with the partner to ensure that customer impact would be brought down to an absolute minimum. This has resulted in the implementation of a special proxy server that will guide customers between the old and the new platform. Using this proxy customers do not need to make changes to their mail client settings even though the underlying platform changes. The advantage of this is that a domain per domain migration strategy is possible to lower the impact on the support process.

31/04/2017 - Exchange migration delayed

Overview: During our extensive testing period we have run into more unexpected issues that need to be examined and resolved. The issues are dealing with the autodiscover functionality in Exchange. During our first migrations with friendly customers several scenarios came to the surface that have halted the migration process. LuxCloud feels obliged to first run through these scenarios and provide fixes and where not possible provide documentation.

19/04/2017 - NG deployment finalized

Overview: The deployment of the of the NG platform in Luxembourg has been finalized, the Dutch deployment is currently underway. Both platforms will be available for future customers to deploy their websites on depending on their needs.

15/03/2017 - Lync to Skype for Business migration successfully finished

Overview: As of Friday, March 15th, all existing Lync 2011 customers have been migrated to the new Skype for Business solution. Customer impact was minimal (just a client restart) and customers have already expressed their delight about the support for the Mac client and other new features like the VOIP connection for dial-in and dial out.

15/03/2017 - New Impact Document available

Overview: The latest Project MUSCLE Impact Document goes over the ongoing and upcoming changes in detail, including Key Service Improvements, Platform Upgrade, Portfolio Expansion, and Improving Operational Support. Download it here: Impact Document 15/03/2017

02/03/2017 - New Invoicing Template

Overview: On the new ODIN platform we have implemented this week a new and improved invoicing template. This new template takes care of a much heard complaint of our partners. The new template creates a cover page that summarizes all the actions and creates a appendix that has details grouped by customer and subscription. Also new is the inclusion of the domain name in the invoice details as this is a reference for many resellers.

01/03/2017 - Deployment of new NG started

Overview: With the arrival of new hardware for our Luxembourgish platform in the beginning of the week we have been able to start the deployment of the Luxembourgisch node of the new NG Hosting Cluster. We will setup and deploy a total of three clusters (Luxembourg, Netherlands and Germany) but in the first step customers will be migrated to the new Luxembourgish NG platform. The expectation is that setup should be finalised in the next two weeks.

01/03/2017 - Migration of Lync to Skype for Business started

Overview: The migration of Lync 2011 to Skype for Business has started this week and will be finalized next week if all goes well. LuxCloud itself is the first to migrate to this new platform and we will start using the dial-in and out functionality available on the new platform. The migration will be seamless for customers and does not require user interaction.

27/02/2017 - OSA 7 Upgrade

Overview: The ODIN Provisioning platform used for the Office 365 subscriptions, will be upgraded in the night from Saturday 18:00 to Sunday 06:00 on the 5th of March. There is no expected downtime of the cloud services but the provisioning platform including API will have intermittent  downtime. This has no impact on users of other services.

24/02/2017 - Exchange 2016 provisioning

Overview: This week the Exchange 2016 provisioning has been finalized and is currently being tested for both the Luxembourg platform as the Dutch platform.

24/02/2017 - CRM Migration finalized

Overview: Today the last customer has been migrated of the old Microsoft CRM platform which concludes the migration of this service.

19/01/2017 - First Partner Migrated

Overview: This week we migrated our first partner successfully to the new platform. The partner migrated customers from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Enterprise, to utilize several security features available in Office 365. This shows that the migration can bring new revenue opportunities as this partner increased his turnover by 820%

13/01/2017 - Exchange 2016 migration delayed, due to more choices!

Overview: During our constant conversations with partners in regards to the migration we have found that our Luxembourgish base of customers has a high demand for an Exchange solution in Luxembourg. In order to facilitate this we have decided to add a Luxembourgish node to the new Exchange platform and offer Geographic Redundancy between the two locations. Unfortunately this has had an impact on our migration planning which has been pushed to start the second week of February.


03/01/2017 - OX Upgrade

Overview: In preparation for the migration of the OX platform we are updating the current platform to the latest version, 7.8.3. For more information about new features check out the following page.

20/12/2016 - First new partner on the new platform

Overview: Today we reached the first important milestone of connecting a partner to the new ODIN platform and provisioning an Office 365 account. This means all the basic components are now ready to start the migration.

19/12/2016 - First stage Platform Update

Overview: On Friday the 16th of December LuxCloud successfully updated it’s platform to ODIN Service Automation version 6.0.9. This is a necessary step in the eventual target of OSA 7 that we are planning to reach next month if all goes well.

15/12/2016 - What's new in Exchange 2016?

Overview: The new Hosted Exchange environment is going to be Exchange 2016, the latest and newest release from Microsoft. In the following document you can read about the new features and also importantly some things that will be deprecated.

28/11/2016 - Project MUSCLE landing page ready

Overview: The project page for MUSCLE is ready and will be communicated this week to all partners as the main central hub for information.

23/11/2016 - Partner communication and technical integration

Overview: This week we are contacting LuxCloud partners to inform them of the new partnership and beginning the technical integration between the LuxCloud and Perrit provisioning platforms.

Customer Communication Templates


When will the upgrades/migrations take place?

The upgrade and migration will take place until December 2017. However not everything will be handled at the same time. Our aim is to migrate partner by partner so that we can focus together with the partner on the migration in a specific timeslot so that all products and customer of a sales partner will be migrated at the same time.

Please have a loook at our End-of-Life page for detailed information.

What is the impact for my customers?

This can vary from product to product naturally. Please check our impact document describing in detail the impact and what you or the customer would need to do.

We aim at a little as possible impact but this is however not always possible in which case we will clearly explain and work with you to make the communication as easy as possible.

Where can I find the End-Of-Life schedule?

An up-to-date list for key services upgraded to the latest versions and End-Of-Life status schedules of LuxCloud services can be found here.

Service Improvements

Key Service Improvements

  • Upgrade to Exchange 2016 from 2010 and 2013
  • Two new webhosting NG clusters
  • Upgrade of the Open-Xchange platform
  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and CRM 2016
  • Possibility of provisioning services from different EU countries
LuxCloud upgraded products

Portfolio Expansion

LuxCloud upgraded services

Platform Upgrade

  • Upgrade to OSA 7, which offers a new UI, payment plugins and better service integration
  • Increased functionality via CSL API

Improved Operational Support