All-in-one email service extension

Standard email services are limited when it comes to security and tracking. Relying on their basic functions is not enough when sending critical documents or sensitive client information.

RMail adds on a set of essential features to email platforms to help companies be sure that their email is delivered securely and is read. It provides encryption for privacy and legal compliance, email tracking to know exactly when an email is read, registered receipts and electronic signatures.

Communicate and transact electronically in the most secure, compliant, and productive ways possible.

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Offer your customers piece of mind with the RMail extension. The visibility, legal proof, security and electronic sign-off features are invaluable for any company sending and receiving high-value documents and information by email.

Visibility, Legal Proof, Security and Electronic Signoff from RMail

Key Features

Email visibility

Track important emails and know when they’re opened.

Legal proof of receipt

A Registered Receipt™ is automatically generated for every message, proving delivery, time, and content.

Ironclad encryption

256-bit AES encryption protects emails and attachments for privacy and legal compliance.

Electronic signatures

Get business done faster with legally-binding electronic document signoff.

Useful add-ons

Additional options include the possibility of sending attachments up to 1GB, private notes for CC and BCC recipients, sender authentication and automatic document conversion to PDF.

On-the-go solution

Send securely even when on-the-go with RMail’s mobile apps.
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RMail is an attractive add-on to Microsoft Office 365 for Business, offering additional security, tracking and functionality for business email.

RMail Packages


  • 5 messages per month
  • File transfers of up to 200MB
  • Email tracking
  • Email proof and authentication
  • Email encryption
  • E-signing of documents
  • Additional features included


  • 25 messages per month
  • File transfers of up to 1GB
  • Email tracking
  • Email proof and authentication
  • Email encryption
  • E-signing of documents
  • Additional features included

Why use RMail?

Let RMail help you with sending notices where you would like certified proof of email delivery, sending time-sensitive instructions, conducting sales outreach, sending last minute invoices, sending applications requiring recipient e-signatures, or something altogether different but nevertheless just as important.

Send with RMail for privacy, open tracking visibility, certified delivery proof, secure large file transfer, or even electronic signoff. All it takes to get started is a click of your “Send Registered” button.

Additional Information

Track Email Delivery and Opens

Prove Email Delivery and More

Encrypt Email Messages and Attachments

E-Sign Documents

Send Large Files

More Sending Options

The RMail product sheet provides information about product benefits, features and pricing plans.

Download the RMail product sheet

*The white label product sheet is exclusively available for our Sales Partners on the LuxCloud Partner Portal, within the commercial Sales Acceleration Toolkit. In this toolkit you will also find product info, cloud insights and ready to use marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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